Venkatraman Seshan, PhD

Director of Biostatistics Computer-Intensive Support Services

Venkatraman Seshan, PhD

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Stanford University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Seshan’s research interests are in the area of methods for the analysis of high throughput data, specifically from genomic profiling such as DNA sequencing and copy number and methylation arrays. He developed with Dr. Adam Olshen (University of California, San Francisco) the CBS algorithm for the analysis of DNA copy number data and has extended the method to allele copy number estimation. He is collaborating with Drs. Colin Begg, Adam Olshen and Irina Ostrovnaya on extending these methods to distinguish second cancers from metastases. He published, in collaboration with Dr. Ronglai Shen, the FACETS algorithm to estimate the allele specific copy numbers and tumor cell fraction using sequencing data. This algorithm is being adopted for use in the DNA sequencing analysis pipeline within and outside MSK. He is responsible for the research computing environment for the members of the department.


Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Siegmund DO, Venkatraman ES. Using the generalized likelihood ratio statistic for sequential detection of a change-point. Ann Stat 1995; 23:255-271.

  2. Olshen AB, Venkatraman ES, Lucito R, Wigler M. Circular binary segmentation for the analysis of array-based DNA copy number data. Biostatistics 2004; 5:557-572. PMID: 15475419.

  3. Seshan VE, Gönen M, Begg CB. Comparing ROC curves derived from regression models. Stat Med. 2013 Apr 30;32(9):1483-93. PMID: 23034816. PMC3617074.

  4. Ostrovnaya I, Seshan VE, Begg CB. Using somatic mutation data to test tumors for clonal relatedness. Ann App Stat. 2015 9(3), 1533-48. PMC4649945.

  5. Shen R, Seshan VE. FACETS: allele-specific copy number and clonal heterogeneity analysis tool for high-throughput DNA sequencing. Nucleic acids research, 2016 Jun 7. pii: gkw520. PMID: 27270079.

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