Integrative Medicine Online Education Courses

An integral component of MSK’s mission to conquer cancer is our commitment to providing licensed and certified healthcare professionals from around the world with easy access to high-quality learning opportunities in integrative medicine. We partner with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and other organizations to provide online training in these areas:

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  • acupuncture
  • herbs and dietary supplements
  • integrative oncology
  • music therapy
  • yoga 

Currently open for registration:

Fundamentals of Oncology Acupuncture
In this introduction for licensed acupuncturists, students learn to apply acupuncture therapy to address the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatments.
Credit: The NCCAOM has designated this distance online education course with 12.5 Professional Development Activity (PDA) points

Advances in Oncology Acupuncture: Clinical Research and Symptom Management
Acupuncturists will learn how they fit within the model of providing comprehensive palliative care to cancer patients and will be given guidelines on how to treat the acute and chronic symptoms of the side effects that result from this disease. This condensed course is open to clinicians who have completed our Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient program.
Credit: The NCCAOM has designated this distance online education course with 4 PDA points

Herbs and Other Dietary Supplements in Cancer Care
Patients and caregivers often have questions about taking vitamins, herbal and dietary supplements, and the safety of these products. This course prepares clinicians to address risk and prevent herb-drug interactions.
Credit: 6 NCCAOM PDA points

Integrative Oncology for Physicians
Designed for general family practice physicians, hospitalists, and MDs, this program provides an overview of how both common and rare cancers are detected and treated, the side effects of these treatments, and how integrative modalities can support treatment and recovery for their patients.

Music Therapy for the Cancer Patient
Music therapy is an evidence-based modality for reducing pain and anxiety, as well as providing emotional support for adult and pediatric patients. This course teaches music therapists to deliver safe and effective therapy to cancer patients and their families.
CEU: 16 Certification Board of Music Therapy (CBMT) hours

Yoga for the Cancer Patient
This program provides certified yoga instructors with evidenced-based medical training to safely and effectively offer yoga therapy to cancer patients in either one-on-one sessions or group classes.
CEU: 15.5 NCCAOM PDA points