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17 Research Biographies found
Grace Gallagher
Data Analyst
The Ed Reznik Lab
Marc Ganz, MPH
Medical Student
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Jianjiong Gao, PhD
Assistant Attending
The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab
Teng Gao
Computational Biologist II
Teng obtained a Bachelor's degree in computer science and biology from Washington University in Saint Louis. In his undergraduate years, he made contri...
The Sohrab Shah Lab
Juan Jose Garces, PhD
Research Scholar
The Wesley Tansey Lab
Mauricio Garcia Tec
PhD student in Statistics and Data Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin
The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab
Dominik Glodzik
Associate Manger, Computational Biologist
Health Outcomes
Shari Goldfarb, MD
Assistant Attending Physician
Current Research Interests Dr. Goldfarb's research focuses on supportive care and survivorship research to improve outcomes in women with breast can...
Mithat Gönen, PhD
Chief, Biostatistics Service
Current Research Interest Dr. Gönen has been at MSK since 1999 and has been serving as Chief of the Biostatistics Service since 2015. His translat...
Computational Oncology
Benjamin Greenbaum, PhD
Associate Attending
Dr. Greenbaum’s main research interests have long centered around the fundamental question of self vs non-self discrimination: How does the immune syst...