Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

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Discover the benefits of receiving breast cancer care at a single facility – the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
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Our goal is to give every person who comes to Memorial Sloan Kettering for breast cancer treatment compassionate, personalized care from our team of experts. Your team will include doctors, nurses, and other professionals whose sole focus is breast cancer. 

Specialists from all areas of breast cancer care will design a treatment plan especially for you. Their areas of expertise include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, rehabilitation, and quality-of-life issues. Having all of them work together helps us ensure that we choose the best combination of therapies to treat your cancer and give you the best outcome possible.

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How We Care for You

  • We offer our surgical patients a complete approach to surgery, including innovative treatments that can save or reconstruct the breast.
  • Our patients have access to new drug treatments through our program of clinical trials.
  • We’re leading the development of innovative systemic therapies for breast cancer. This includes drugs that are targeted to specific breast cancer subtypes.
  • We deliver effective radiation therapy directly to tumors using the most precise methods available.
  • Our rehabilitation and integrative medicine experts help you manage lymphedema, problems with movement, sexual dysfunction, stress, and other side effects of breast cancer.
  • We offer a screening program for lymphedema after breast cancer surgery, with prevention and early treatment for people at risk. Black and Hispanic people are at highest risk for developing lymphedema.
Breast Cancer Doctors

MSK doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are experts in breast cancer surgery, reconstruction, radiation oncology, and more.

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We’re constantly testing new ways to fight breast cancer. In fact, most of the effective forms of breast cancer treatment that have been developed in the past decade were studied and explored by members of our breast cancer team. This also means that patients at MSK have access to new treatment options that are not available in most other hospitals.

Your Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer care team will likely have a variety of treatment options to offer you, depending on the stage of your breast cancer and the biological makeup of your disease.