As a part of the overall clinical care mission of Memorial Hospital, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is committed to the psychological and psychiatric care of cancer patients and their families. The clinical service component of the department is a consultation service that provides routine as well as emergency psychiatric services to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center inpatients and outpatients. Family members are registered as Memorial Sloan Kettering patients if they require ongoing psychiatric services.

The department provides evaluation and management of the major psychiatric complications of cancer and its treatment, as well as counseling services for the problems of coping with cancer. Other common reasons for requesting consultation include: difficulty coping with illness, suicidal thoughts, evaluation of decision-making capacity, management of agitation, insomnia, cachexia (a condition characterized by malnutrition and extreme weight loss), fatigue, and pain and symptom management issues. Psychiatric consultation services are provided to patients of all ages and to all clinical departments. Children with cancer and their families are provided services by a full-time child psychiatrist.

Services and Programs

The Psychiatry Service provides a range of services including:

To request an appointment for a consultation, call 646-888-0200. To schedule an appointment with our Smoking Cessation Program, call 212-610-0507.