Caregiver Support Services

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This information explains the support services available to caregivers at MSK.

At MSK, we recognize caregivers as an important part of the cancer care team. As the family member, friend, or caregiver of someone with cancer, you may find yourself taking on new responsibilities while coping with your own emotions and responsibilities. It’s normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed by the stress of caregiving, but you’re not alone. Have a look at the various services MSK has to support you as you take on this role while also caring for yourself. Visit for more information.

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Caregivers Clinic in the Counseling Center

Our Caregivers Clinic provides support specifically for caregivers who are having difficulty coping with the demands of being a caregiver. The purpose of this clinic is to help you maximize your ability to provide care to your loved one with cancer while attending to your own self-care, needs, and other important responsibilities. For more information, call 646-888-0200.

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Social Work

Social workers can help you manage different issues across the cancer care continuum. They provide individual counseling and support groups. Our social workers can also help refer you to community agencies and programs. For more information, call 212-639-7020 or email [email protected].

Talking With Children About Cancer

Our Talking with Children About Cancer Program provides information and support around how to talk to children about their parent’s cancer diagnosis through individual consultations as well as adult and child support groups. For more information, call 212-639-7029.

Resources for Life after Cancer Treatment (RLAC) Program

The RLAC Program offers seminars, workshops, and support groups to address topics related to cancer survivorship including insurance, employment, emotional concerns, and caregiver issues. For more information, call 646-888-4740.

Bereavement Program

The Bereavement Program offers free telephone consultations, support groups, educational lectures, and referrals to community resources. Our social workers have expertise in dealing with the psychological, social, spiritual, and practical concerns for individuals, families, and friends who are grieving. Sessions are professionally led, confidential, and free. For more information, call 646-888-4889.

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Patient and Caregiver Education

Visit our Patient and Caregiver Education website at to search our virtual library. There, you can find clear and helpful educational resources, including some specifically for caregivers such as:

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Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs offers online groups for caregivers of people undergoing treatment at MSK. Our live, interactive sessions are confidential, free, and led by expert clinical staff. Visit for more information.

Caregiver Support Group

Our virtual caregiver support group offers the opportunity to discuss the stresses, challenges, and rewards of providing care for someone with cancer. You can register directly on the group’s page on or by emailing [email protected].

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Patient and Caregiver Support Program

Our Patient and Caregiver Support Program connects you with past MSK caregivers who can provide valuable perspective and support. For more information call 212-639-5007 or email [email protected].

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MSK’s Integrative Medicine Service
Our Integrative Medicine Service offers many services to complement (go along with) traditional medical care, including music therapy, mind/body therapies, dance and movement therapy, yoga, and touch therapy. To schedule an appointment for these services, call 646-449-1010.

You can also schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in the Integrative Medicine Service. They will work with you to come up with a plan for creating a healthy lifestyle and managing side effects. To make an appointment, call 646-608-8550.

Integrative Medicine at Home

Integrative Medicine at Home is a monthly online membership program of healthy lifestyle classes for MSK families. The program offers members live online group classes each week, serving all ages and abilities. For more information, call 646-608-8550.

Rising Voices Choir

Integrative Medicine Services also offers Rising Voices Choir, which invites all patients, survivors, and caregivers looking for a supportive outlet to join in making music together. For more information, call 646-608-8550.

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Tobacco Treatment Program

Our Tobacco Treatment Program can help you stop using tobacco as you support your loved one through cancer treatment. For more information, call 212-610-0507.

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Spiritual Care

Our chaplains (spiritual counselors) are available to listen, support, pray, contact nearby clergy or faith groups, or simply be a comforting companion and spiritual presence. Anyone can meet with a chaplain, no matter their religious affiliation. For more information, call 212-639-5982.

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Adult Recreation and Charles Hallac Patient Recreation Center

Our team of recreation specialists provides psychosocial support through a multi-arts and cultural program that promotes relaxation, self-expression, and socialization. We offer group and one-to-one virtual activities including art, music, movement, crafts, games, and performances. For more information, call 212-639-5978.

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Visible Ink

The Visible Ink Writing Program offers the opportunity to express yourself in writing with the individual support of an experienced writing mentor. For more information, call 212-535-3985.

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Connections: Online Community

Connections is an online community for MSK patients, caregivers, survivors, and friends to exchange support, information, and inspiration.

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Language Assistance Program

Our Language Assistance Program (LAP) offers professional medical interpreting and translation services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients and to patients with vision, hearing, and speech impairment in order to enhance their experience at MSK. The LAP helps the deaf and hard of hearing, LEP, and visually-impaired patient population and their family members communicate with everyone throughout the continuum of care. For more information, call 212-639-5981.

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