CNS Lymphoma Experts


Memorial Sloan Kettering is recognized worldwide for our expertise in diagnosing and treating central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma. Our skill and experience mean that we can offer you the best care possible.

Select from the list below to learn more about our CNS lymphoma experts, including their education, training, and board certifications.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Lymphoma
Christian Grommes, MD
Christian Grommes
Memorial Sloan Kettering neuro-oncologist Lisa M. DeAngelis
Lisa M. DeAngelis

Physician-in-Chief and Chief Medical Officer; Scott M. and Lisa G. Stuart Chair

Memorial Sloan Kettering Neuro-Oncologist & Neurologist Igor Gavrilovic
Igor T. Gavrilovic
Memorial Sloan Kettering neuro-oncologist Thomas Kaley
Thomas J. Kaley
Memorial Sloan Kettering neuro-oncologist Rachna Malani
Rachna Malani
Memorial Sloan Kettering Neurologist and Neuro-oncologist Ivan Kotchetkov
Ivan Kotchetkov


Memorial Sloan Kettering neurologist Alexandra Miller
Alexandra Miller
Memorial Sloan Kettering neuro-oncologist Craig Nolan
Craig P. Nolan
Elena Pentsova, MD
Elena Pentsova

Director, Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program

MSK neuro-oncologist Anna Piotrowski
Anna F. Piotrowski

Director, Neurology Clerkships and Sub-Internship

Bianca D. Santomasso, MD, PhD
Bianca D. Santomasso
Jacqueline B. Stone, MD
Jacqueline B. Stone

Director, Neurology Rotating Residency Program

Maria E. Arcila, MD
Maria E. Arcila

Director, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Memorial Sloan Kettering neuropathologist Tejus Bale
Tejus A. Bale
Ahmet Dogan, MD, PhD
Ahmet Dogan

Chief, Hematopathology Service, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Oscar Lin, MD, PhD
Oscar Lin

Chief, Cytology Service

Marc K. Rosenblum, MD
Marc K. Rosenblum

Director, Neuropathology; Founder's Chair

Radiation Oncology