The Jennifer Hay & Jada Hamilton Lab

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Genomics, Risk, and Health Decision-Making Laboratory

The mission of the Genomics, Risk, and Health Decision-Making Laboratory, launched in 2016 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is to optimize the translation of novel discoveries regarding cancer risk and genomics into clinical practice. Our research concerns cancer risk perceptions and health decision-making in patients, families, healthcare providers, and members of the general public across diverse populations and settings.

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Jennifer Hay

Jennifer L. Hay, PhD

Attending Psychologist

Research Focus

Optimizing the public health benefit of novel basic science, genomics, and epidemiological findings in cancer through research concerning cancer risk perceptions and health decision-making, especially in skin cancer prevention.
Jada Hamilton

Jada G. Hamilton, PhD, MPH

Associate Attending Psychologist

Research Focus

Addressing the intersection of behavioral science, cancer prevention, and genomics, with the goal of translating advances in genetic and genomic medicine into improved cancer care.
Lab Members