Bone Cancer Doctors, Surgeons & Experts

We’ve been diagnosing and treating primary bone cancer for many decades. As with every type of cancer, we bring together specialists from all areas of bone cancer care to treat you. Our disease management team includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists. They meet weekly and work closely together to create treatment plans, monitor your progress, and select and modify your therapies. Our team also includes pediatric oncologists who have special expertise in the bone tumors and sarcomas that affect children.

This team approach to cancer care ensures that you receive the best care possible. Because our doctors are also leading clinical investigators, you may have access to the newest approaches and clinical trials.

Select from the list below to learn more about the members of our team, including their education, training, board certifications, current publications, and specific areas of expertise. They are all world-class specialists in bone cancer.

MSK surgeon and Orthopedic Service Chief John Healey

John H. Healey

Chief, Orthopaedic Service; Stephen McDermott Chair in Surgery

Paul A. Meyers, MD

Paul A. Meyers

Chief of Sarcoma Service; and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Nicola Fabbri

Nicola Fabbri

Leonard H. Wexler, MD

Leonard H. Wexler

Pictured: David Panicek

David M. Panicek

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Radiology

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiologist Juan Camacho

Juan C. Camacho

Pictured: Sinchun Hwang

Sinchun Hwang

Jonathan Landa, DO

Jonathan Landa

Robert A. Lefkowitz, MD

Robert A. Lefkowitz

Memorial Sloan Kettering interventional radiologist Ernesto Santos

Ernesto Santos

Memorial Sloan Kettering interventional radiologist Suken Shah

Suken H. Shah

Director, Interventional Radiology, MSK Monmouth

Radiation oncologist Daniel Shasha

Daniel Shasha

Chief of Radiation Oncology, Norwalk Hospital

Pictured: Suzanne Wolden

Suzanne L. Wolden

Meera R. Hameed, MD

Meera R. Hameed

Chief, Surgical Pathology Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering pathologist Cristina Antonescu

Cristina R. Antonescu

Director, Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Pictured: Narasimhan Agaram

Narasimhan P. Agaram