Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff


Our faculty members are dedicated to the care of patients with infections, the training of physicians in the subspecialty of infectious diseases, the investigation of infectious disease therapy, and the study of immune and microbiome-mediated defense against microbial pathogens.

Memorial Sloan Kettering infectious disease specialist Tobias Hohl
Tobias M. Hohl

Chief, Infectious Diseases Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering Clinical Microbiologist Esther Babady
Esther Babady

Chief, Clinical Microbiology Service, Director, Clinical Microbiology Fellowship Program

Cesar J. Figueroa Ortiz, MD
Cesar J. Figueroa Ortiz

Clinical Director

Michael S. Glickman, MD, FIDSA
Michael S. Glickman

Alfred P. Sloan Chair

Autumn Guyer
Autumn C. Guyer

Associate Attending Physician

Anna Kaltsas, MD
Anna Kaltsas

Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program

Mini Kamboj, MD
Mini Kamboj

Chief Medical Epidemiologist, Infection Control

Rich Kodama
Rich Kodama

Assistant Attending Physician; Assistant Hospital Epidemiologist

Memorial Sloan Kettering Infectious Diseases Specialist Justin C. Laracy
Justin C. Laracy

Assistant Attending Physician

Yeon Joo Lee, MD, MPH
Yeon Joo Lee

Assistant Attending Physician

Peter A. Mead, MD
Peter A. Mead

Assistant Attending Physician

Melissa Bacchus
Sejal Morjaria

Assistant Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering infectious disease physician Puja Nambiar
Puja H. Nambiar

Assistant Attending Physician

Genovefa Papanicolaou, MD
Genovefa Papanicolaou

Attending Physician

Gil Redelman-Sidi, MD
Gil Redelman-Sidi

Assistant Attending Physician

Susan K. Seo, MD
Susan K. Seo

Director, Antibiotic Management Program

Kent Sepkowitz, MD
Kent Sepkowitz

Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Quality and Safety

Memorial Sloan Kettering infectious disease specialist Monika Shah
Monika Shah

Deputy Physician-In-Chief, Education and Faculty Affairs and Designated Institutional Official

Zainab Shahid
Zainab Shahid

Associate Attending Physician

Ying Taur, MD, MPH
Ying Taur

Associate Attending Physician