Faculty and Staff


Pictured: Renier J. Brentjens

Renier J. Brentjens

Director, Cellular Therapeutics; Associate Chair, Junior Faculty Development, Department of Medicine

Physicians and Nurses

MSK Surgeon Prasad S. Adusumilli, MD

Prasad S. Adusumilli

Deputy Chief, Thoracic Service; Director, Mesothelioma Program; Head, Solid Tumors Cell Therapy, Cellular Therapeutics Center

Kevin J. Curran, MD

Kevin J. Curran

Elizabeth F. Halton

Elizabeth F. Halton

Nurse Practitioner

Nancy A. Kernan

Nancy A. Kernan

Assistant Chief, Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Connie Lee Batlevi

Connie Lee Batlevi

Sham Mailankody

Sham Mailankody

Elena  Mead

Elena Mead

Shanu Modi, MD

Shanu Modi

Pictured: Roisin O'Cearbhaill

Roisin E. O'Cearbhaill

M. Lia Palomba, MD

M. Lia Palomba

Jae Park, MD

Jae Park

Bianca D. Santomasso

Bianca D. Santomasso

Hematologic Oncologist Craig Sauter

Craig S. Sauter

MSK medical oncologist Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Director of Clinical Translation, Cellular Therapeutics Center

Melody Smith

Melody Smith

Pictured: Anna Varghese

Anna M. Varghese

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist and Lymphoma Service Chief Anas Younes

Anas Younes

Chief, Lymphoma Service

  • Claudia Diamonte
  • John Pineda

Research Staff

Yvette  J.  Bernal

Yvette J. Bernal

Senior Clinical Research Supervisor

Amy  Kong

Amy Kong

Research Study Assistant

  • Pavan Anant
  • Malloury Hall