Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Applauds Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Applauds Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is pleased to announce that it is ranked among one of the top organizations with the greatest number of highly cited scientific researchers worldwide, according to the annual list of Highly Cited Researchers published by the Institute for Scientific Information at Clarivate.

Forty researchers from MSK and the Sloan Kettering Institute (SKI) are recognized on this year’s list for demonstrating significant influence in their chosen fields by publishing multiple highly cited papers in their areas of expertise during the past decade. These papers are deemed to be the most scientifically impactful and are ranked in the top one percent by citations for their field and year (the definition of a highly cited paper).

“MSK researchers and scientists have set the standard for discovering new treatments and cures for cancer,” said Selwyn M. Vickers, MD, FACS, President and CEO of MSK. “We are proud of our colleagues who have been included in the 2023 Highly Cited Researchers list. Their contributions resonate far beyond their individual achievements, strengthening the foundation of clinical excellence and innovation in research around the globe.”

“MSK’s researchers are making an enormous impact on cancer science that is felt both locally in the New York-metro area and around the world,” said Joan Massagué, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer; Director of SKI. “I congratulate all of MSK researchers who are being recognized with this distinct honor as well as researchers from other institutions who collaborate to advance the global understanding of cancer.”

The following researchers are recognized on the 2023 Highly Cited Researchers list:

*As of September 2023, those marked with an asterisk are no longer at MSK.