Graduate Student Fellowships

The Geoffrey Beene Graduate Student Fellowship program provides full stipends for up to two years for exemplary graduate students who work in the labs of Memorial Sloan Kettering faculty and are conducting research with direct cancer relevance.

Pictured: Kelsey Temprine, Mary Klein & Kinisha Gala2013 Graduate Student Fellows — (From left) Kelsey Temprine, Mary Klein, and Kinisha Gala

Kelsey Temprine
Faculty Mentor: Richard White, MD, PhD

Mary Klein
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Koff, PhD

Kinisha Gala
Faculty Mentor: Sarat Chandarlapaty, MD, PhD

Neel Shah, Edward Kastenhuber & Emily Casey2012 Graduate Student Fellows — (From left) Neel Shah, Edward Kastenhuber, and Emily Casey

Emily Casey
Faculty Mentor: David Scheinberg, MD, PhD

Edward Kastenhuber
Faculty Mentor: Scott Lowe, PhD

Neel Shah
Faculty Mentor: Charles Sawyers, MD

Gregory Mazo, Jenny Karo, Robert Bowman2011 Graduate Student Fellows — (From left) Gregory Mazo, Jenny Karo, and Robert Bowman

Robert Bowman, PhD student
Faculty Mentor: Johanna Joyce, PhD

Jenny Karo, PhD student
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Sun, PhD

Gregory Mazo, PhD student
Faculty Mentor: Meng-Fu Bryan Tsou, PhD

Oakley Olson, Piero Sanfilippo, and Daniel Mark2010 Graduate Student Fellows — (From left) Oakley Olson, Piero Sanfilippo, and Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Robert Benezra, PhD

Oakley Olson, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Johanna Joyce, PhD

Piero Sanfilippo, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Christine Mayr, MD, PhD

John Halliday, Neha Bhagwati, Ellen Hukkelhoven2009 Graduate Student Fellows — (From left) John Halliday, Neha Bhagwati, and Ellen Hukkelhoven

Neha Bhagwat, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Ross Levine, MD

John Halliday, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Eric Holland, MD, PhD

Ellen Hukkelhoven, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Andrew Koff, PhD

Vasilena Gocheva, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Johanna Joyce, PhD

Barry S. Taylor, PhD student
Faculty mentor: Chris Sander, PhD

Hyung-Song Nam, MD/PhD student
Faculty mentor: Robert Benezra, PhD

Sindy Escobar-Alvarez, PhD student
Faculty mentor: David A. Scheinberg MD, PhD