Meet Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon Steven Wang

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Steven Wang is the Director of Dermatologic Surgery and Dermatology at MSK Basking Ridge. Learn about his expertise in diagnosing and caring for patients with skin cancers.

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"How are you?"

"Good, Doc. How are you?"

I want my patients to have a sense of assurance. I want them to maybe look at their spouse and look at their family members and to say, I'm going to be all right, and we're going to be all right.

My name is Dr. Steven Wang. I am a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

I think all patients have three top concerns. First, they are worried whether or not their skin cancer is spreading to other parts of their body. They're afraid. Second, they are concerned about the treatment process. They're worried about the side effects, the pain, and the aftermath.

The last part is the fear of unknown. I try to reassure my patients by first listening to them. I listen to them with compassion, patience, and empathy. I have to understand what they're telling me so I can make a better diagnosis. And, also, I have to listen to them so I can understand their fear and concern.

I use advanced diagnostic technology, such as: dermoscopy, total body photography, confocal laser microscope. Those tools allow me to make a diagnosis of skin cancer at a much earlier phase. And sometimes we can make the diagnosis without performing any unnecessary biopsies.

"I think this lesion right here, all you really need is just a straight excision."

Scarring is definitely a concern for people. We use the best technique and technology, such as Mohs surgery, to perform the surgery, remove the skin cancer, and to hide the scars.

It's a privilege that I get a chance to play an important role in a patient's life, in the family's life. I want them to walk out of here with a smile, and knowing that they are with the right team, the right surgeon, that we're going to help them get through this.