Adult Survivorship Program Collaborating Physicians

Adult Survivorship Program Collaborating Physicians


Your follow-up care is provided by nurse practitioners or physician assistants who are specialists in the care of cancer survivors. Each follow-up care provider practices with a physician collaborator who provides mentorship and guidance. Learn about our experts below.

Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant
Ann A. Jakubowski, MD, PhD
Ann A. Jakubowski

Clinical Director, Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Outpatient Unit

MSK hematologic oncologist Heather Landau
Heather J. Landau

Director, Amyloidosis Program

Breast Cancer
Memorial Sloan Kettering Surgeon Deborah M. Capko
Deborah M. Capko

Associate Attending Surgeon

MSK medical oncologist Gabriella D'Andrea
Gabriella M. D'Andrea

Attending Physician

Clifford A. Hudis, MD
Clifford A. Hudis


Diana E. Lake, MD
Diana E. Lake

Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Oncologist Shanu Modi
Shanu Modi

Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Mark Robson
Mark E. Robson

Chief, Breast Medicine Service

Sarah J. Schweber, MD
Sarah J. Schweber

Assistant Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Audree Tadros
Audree B. Tadros

Jeanne A. Petrek Junior Faculty Chair

Colorectal Cancer
Surgeon Garrett Nash
Garrett M. Nash

Vice Chair for Quality and Safety, Department of Surgery

Gynecology Cancer
Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Ginger Gardner
Ginger J. Gardner

Section, Ovarian Cancer Surgery; Physician Lead, Gynecology Disease Management Team Alliance; Vice Chair of Hospital Operations, Department of Surgery

Head and Neck Cancer
Snehal G. Patel, MD, FRCS
Snehal G. Patel

Attending Surgeon

Daniel G. Coit, MD, FACS
Daniel G. Coit

Attending Surgeon

Parisa Momtaz, MD
Parisa Momtaz

Medical Director, Strategic Partnerships; Clinical Director, Melanoma Service

Prostate Radiation Therapy
Marisa A. Kollmeier, MD
Marisa A. Kollmeier

Interim Chief, Brachytherapy Service; Program Director, Brachytherapy Fellowship

Thoracic Cancer
Manjit S. Bains, MD, FACS
Manjit S. Bains

Min H. and Yu-Fan C. Kao Chair in Thoracic Cancer

James Huang, MD
James Huang

Program Director, Thoracic Surgery Fellowship and Residency; Associate Vice Chair of Education, Department of Surgery

Thyroid Cancer
MSK endocrinologist R. Michael Tuttle
R. Michael Tuttle

Chief, Endocrinology Service

Urology Surgery
Jonathan A. Coleman, MD
Jonathan A. Coleman

David H. Koch Chair; Attending Surgeon

MSK urologist Timothy Donahue
Timothy F. Donahue

Associate Attending Surgeon